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New Years Traditions 2021

What a doozy 2020 has been for us all. Thank goodness it is almost over. We expect the best and are hoping for a brighter and safer 2021. Due to Covid, most of us will be celebrating inside this year. Are you wondering what everyone from around the planet will be doing this NYE? Check out some of these New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world and our office. We hope it will give you some new ideas to try for New Year’s and, who knows, maybe it will start a new tradition with you and your family.

30 New Year’s Traditions from Around the world

source: TakeLessons

5 Family Friendly ideas from around the office:

Time Capsule– Gather your loved ones around the table, grab an old jar to transform into a magical time capsule and tell them to put one thing in it from last year. Seal it up and burry it in the backyard or set it aside for way into the future. Imagine how fun it would be to open together 10 years from now. New Year’s best choice.

Homemade Hot Chocolate- Forget about the champagne: It’s time for a new New Year’s drink that the whole family can enjoy. Turn the kitchen into the annual hot chocolate bar, mixing your own recipes (and adding your own flavor). Create a new signature flavor each year, and keep track of the ones from years before to keep this hot, sweet tradition going.

Scrapbooking the Year’s Memories- Come together with modern technology and have everyone print some fond pictures from social media to include in a scrapbook. Make it interesting and fun by adding or drawing random things from throughout the year. For example: a face mask, hand sanitizer, or an a single sheet of toilet paper (we all know how difficult this was to find during the early stages of the pandemic). Finally, let everyone take turns to show off their scrap book along with their written accomplishments from the prior year and their resolutions for the next year.

Turn your Christmas tree into a “Resolution Tree”- This is a fun one for the whole family. Take down the Christmas decorations the day after and replace them with Ribbons. On each ribbon, have the kids or even the husband/wife write down a resolution like getting good grades, selling or buying a new home, investing, eating healthier, etc. Now you have a Resolution tree.

Attend or create a VIRTUAL New Year’s party- In this day of age, we do almost everything online. Why not host a NYE virtual party?! With technology like Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Houseparty, having a virtual party has never been easier. This is a more modern approach so set up a camera or your phone where you will be comfortable in your home. Decorate with balloons, glitter, confetti, bubbles and other NYE decorations. Enjoying NYE at a safe distance but still close to your friends and family.



“Staying home and celebrating with the people you live with or celebrating virtually with loved ones is the safest choice this year,” the CDC said.





Holidays are suppose to be a time to embrace your family, loved ones, and friends, often spending countless hours celebrating, singing, dancing, and enjoying company with plenty of memories of that year. During the pandemic, though, some of these activities carry a significant risk. Florida Life Real Estate Group reminds you and your loved ones to be responsible and follow any safety guidelines provided by your city, county and/or state. We care about our communities and hope that you and your family go into the new year with great health and prosperity.

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