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Local in NSB – Quiet Flight Surf Shop

Quiet Flight is a very well known surf shop located steps from the Atlantic Ocean on the iconic Flagler avenue in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Quiet Flight is a local board building company owned by local board riders. 

Aside from being a quaint art town, New Smyrna Beach is also a surfer’s paradise, so it’s no wonder we see them up & down the shore line! The year round perfect weather & defined apexed curls makes our beaches the superb location for any beginner or professional surfer. The question asked by locals and people moving to our community is: where can I find supplies or where can I get custom boards?

The answer is: 

Quiet Flight Surf Shop

508 Flagler Ave. 

New Smyrna Beach, FL 

29° 2′ 19.464” N, 80° 53′ 46.86” W



Here is a short list of some of what they have to offer inside the shop:

Custom hand shaped surf boards

Large variety of Boards

Custom Skateboards

Local shapes

High end boards



Traction Pads





Name Brand Clothing


Flip Flops





Coolers & lunchboxes


and much more….

With a broad selection of accessories and boards, not only do they have massive inventory but they have trained Board Specialists that share detailed knowledge & advice to anyone that inquires about anything related to surf or skate. 

Quiet Flight Surf shop is intertwined in being apart of our community in NSB. They participate in beach clean ups, sponsor surf events & source out surf lessons to local legends that surf daily & want to share the passion with future generations. They also take pride in creating custom boards & installing accessories.

Final Thought

As soon as I walked into Quiet Flight I was warmly greeted & welcomed by the lovely staff. They were eager to answer my questions & addressed every question with a professional educated response. I was surprised to obtain so much information in such a little amount of time about an activity I knew very little about. They explained how the boards work, what works best, the reason for their recommendation and most importantly made sure to ask me questions to better understand what I was looking for. All in all it was a great experience. I would highly recommend stopping by to meet the staff & check out the inventory. You will not be disappointed and who knows you or someone in your family might pick up a new fun activity to learn.

Florida Life Real Estate Supports local businesses because we are one!

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