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17 Ways New Homeowners Can Cut Utility Costs by 50%

Americans average $1300-$1500 annually for electricity and $800-$1,000 annually for water.  This means that 5-10% of your income goes towards paying for utility bills.  There are several ways you can lower these monthly ongoing expenses.

Everyone can save money each month by taking a few simple steps to reduce the energy you utilize whether you live in a 900 sq. ft apartment or a 2,100 sq. ft single family home.

You don’t need to sacrifice your standard way of living to reduce your electricity and water bills.


Use cold water to wash your clothes – Cold water will clean your clothes just as good as hot water.

Line dry smaller items – Using this method will save you approximately $1.05 per load which will add up over time.

Clean Dryer’s Exhaust – It is important to consistently clean your dryer’s exhaust duct to maintain your dryer’s efficiency.

Click Here to use Energy Star’s guide to pick out the most efficient clothes washers and dryers. offers resources and transparency on the annual energy use and annual water use of each washer and dryer on the market.



High-Efficiency Toilets  – Installing high efficiency toilets can save the average family up to $110 a year on their water bills. 

Hot Water Heater Timer – By installing this temperature control, you will limit your usage of hot water and save up to $20 a year by lowering the temperature of the water as it flows through your home.

It is recommended by the Department of Energy that your hot water heater temperature be set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  The default setting on hot water heaters installed directly from the manufacturer is typically 140 degrees.

Take Showers Only – Did you realize that taking baths requires approximately 70 gallons of water?  A 5 minute shower uses about 10-25 gallons.



LED Bulbs – Installing LED bulbs will save you energy and money.  LED bulbs use on average 80% less than traditional incandescent lighting.

This will save you about $75 a year on your electricity bills.

LED bulbs will last 3-25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Click Here to select LED Bulbs for your home.

Install Dimmer Switches – Installing dimmer switches will help extend the life of your bulbs.



“You don’t need to sacrifice your standard way of living to reduce your electricity bills.”



Use Lids on Pots/Pans – Be sure to cook with your pot and pan lids on.  This will ensure your food cooks properly and sometimes will cut your cooking time by half.  Lids help with holding heat inside the pot while cooking.

Thaw Your Food – If you thaw your food before cooking this will save you money on your electricity bill because your food will require less time to cook.

Broiler – Avoid using your broiler because it requires a lot of energy while other methods of cooking are more slow and steady.




Window Shades – Utilize your curtains, blinds, & shades especially in the summer to keep the heat out of your home.

In the summer, the Department of Energy says that keeping your windows covered can minimize heat by up to 77%. For best results use light colored window treatments.

Add Plants Around Windows – Adding plants around your windows can help naturally shade your home.

Clean Your Windows – Clean your windows in the winter to remove any dirt and grime films to allow sunlight to come through and heat your home naturally.



Use the Dishwasher – Did you realize that using your dishwasher is actually better than hand washing your dishes?  Hand washing utilizes 9 times the amount of water that your dishwasher consumes when cleaning a full load of dishes.

You use up to 27 gallons of water washing your dishes by hand versus the 3 gallons an Energy Star rated dishwasher uses.  You will save over 5,000 gallons of water every year by using your dishwasher over hand washing your dishes.

Use your Dishwasher at Night – You will minimize the environmental impact if you run your dishwasher at night when energy demand is typically lower.

Organize and Pack Your Dishwasher – Filling up your dishwasher saves you water and energy because you will use it fewer times a week.


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